All Artworks Are Generated with The Semantic Image Synthesis.

For every artwork, a digital input is given to the SIS Algorithm. From the Input, the software interprets and generates a beautifully unique Artwork based on each single pixel. 

Can’t I just download the Picture?
Yes, you can download any artwork for free; however, you won’t have the digital input nor the NFT Token that provides you full Ownership.

Only a Picture?
When you purchase the Artwork, you will own the NFT Token and have full access to the original digital input given to the SIS Algorithm to generate additional copies or make alteration.

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How do I know the Artwork I purchased is Authentic?
Only the digital input and the NFT Token can confirm if you own the original piece. The NFT is proof of ownership, while the digital input is a proof of authenticity.

Can I Resell the Artwork? Yes, once you own the NFT Token and the digital input, you will be the only individual who can resell the artwork.

Which Software has been used to generate the pictures?
You can find the SIS Software here:

More Information:
You can find Additional information here.